If your goal is to push yourself to new heights on a personal level, compete in your first local competition, or simply squeeze in some extra time at the gym to speed up your progress, or Chalk+ programming is for you. 

To be completed in an Open Gym setting after your Chalk S&C class, this programming track gives you everything you need and want - extra strength programming, skill training, metcons and recovery workouts. Designed for anyone who wants a little extra beyond our our 60-minute classes.

Individual Training | 30 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay extra for Chalk+ Programming?

Chalk+ Programming is free of charge for all Unlimitied Membership holders. Basic Membership holders can upgrade to our Unlimitied Plan (less than £5 per week) to follow this track.

Is this programming track for competitors only?

Absolutely not! This programming track is for anyone who wants to do a little extra outside classes. Chalk+ is designed to offer more versatile programming beyond our S&C classes so you can get extra strength, conditioning and bodyweight training. So, whether you're looking your first pull-up, improve conditioning times or get some extra time on the weightlifting platform, the NEW Chalk+ programming track has you covered.

Where can I view Chalk+ programming?

You can view the workouts on the Wodify app from Sunday 31st October, and we have a dedicated class on our schedule for you to book, view and log your workout scores for Chalk+.

When can I complete Chalk+ programming?

Members can complete Chalk+ programming immediately after their Chalk S&C class. This is to be performed in the annex and will not be coach-led.

What is the program duration and frequency?

Chalk+ programming offers an additional 5 training sessions per week. These are designed to be completed on Mon-Wed and Fri-Sat, and each training session will take up to 30 minutes to complete.

Why can't I book into the Chalk+ class?

There's no need to sign-in. However, if you'd like to view your performance history, view your workout data or log results, you can sign-in at the Wodify Kiosk.


Chalk+ Members must:

  • Complete the Chalk+ programming in the 30-minute window immediately after their class.

  • Follow the stated workout guidelines, loads and scaling.


Chalk+ Members cannot:

  • Attend a Chalk+ training session without attending a Chalk S&C class immediately before.

  • Use Chalk+ sessions as an opportunity to follow their own programming, max-out on lifts or complete the daily class workouts.