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If you're unable to access a gym, a parent with limited time, or just want to skip the gym and work up a sweat at home, this program is for you!


For only £5.00 per week  we'll help you get fitter, stronger and more flexible. All you need is a dumbbell or kettlebell to stay fit in lockdown.

Training never gets stale with program. It offers a nice blend of bodybuilding, endurance, strength and mobility training  to keep it fun and your body challenged.

What's included every week:

  • 5 fun, creative workouts 

  • 1 Mobility Flow class

  • 6 Live Zoom Classes

  • Warm-up guides, flexibility training and access to the CHALK movement library

  • Mobile App to track workouts 

  • Private Members Group for support 

Equipment Required:

  • One Dumbbell or Kettlebell

Strength & Conditioning Program

Get 5 fun, creative workouts each week to keep you fit, strong and mobile. These come with coaching notes, warm-up & mobility guides and access to our movement library.

Mobility Flows

Every Thursday we release a Mobility class for you to follow along at home. These classes are a great tool for cool-downs, rest days and taking a break after long hours at a desk!

Zoom Classes

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday we run online Zoom classes at 6:15AM and 6:30PM. These are great if you need accountability and extra coaching -- our coaches will guide you through the entire workout! Camera shy? Don't worry -- you can keep your camera off. Just working up a sweat with other individuals will keep you motivated!

Performance App

Access our workouts 1 week in advance, track your fitness over time, and log your scores to get on our online leaderboards with our mobile app.