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If you're looking for training plans to improve your strength and technique in gymnastics, you'll find it here. From getting your first push-up to mastering muscle-ups, our programs will help you transition from beginner to advanced.

All our programs are delivered via Fitr Training - the most powerful coaching platform on the market, so you will always have your sessions available to you wherever and whenever you need them. Programs can be attached to your workout calendar so it's easy to follow and always include guidance notes, coaching videos and quick access to our team via in-app messaging. 



Chalk's Ultimate Pull-up program is an easy to follow training plan that will that will rapidly develop your strict pull-ups.

This 6-week program is suitable for anyone who has less than 5 strict pull-ups. Volume and intensity builds each week, and you can repeat this program multiple times for continued success. Even if you currently have 0 pull-ups, this program is the perfect place to start, build and advance your gymnastic skills.

Frequency: 3 Days per week

Session Duration: ~30 minutes

Prerequisites: None


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