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BUILD is a strength & conditioning program for the everyday gym goer who wants to enhance their strength, physique and performance.

This program offers a creative mix of strength cycles, functional bodybuilding workouts and HIIT finishers so training never gets stale — say goodbye to boring bodybuilding workouts! 

✗  5 Sessions per week

✗  60-min workouts

✗  Movement Library and detailed workouts notes 

£29 month to month. Cancel any time.





60s Barbell Ankle Stretch

60s Box Pigeon Pose

60s Adductor Rocks


1 round each leg:
10 Bulgarian Split Squat Rock Backs
20s Copenhagen Hold

10 Seated Straddle Leg Lifts

 Functional Strength

5 sets x 5 Tempo Barbell Cyclist Squats @ 7-8RPE

✗ Functional Bodybuilding
[Pre-Exhaust Supersets]

3 sets:

15 Tempo Hack Squats [RPE 6]

10 Barbell Reverse Lunge [RPE 7]

3 sets on each leg:

10 Farmer Hold Kickstand Squats [RPE6]

10 Single DB Box Step-up [RPE 7}

3 sets:

20 Prone Banded Hamstring Curls

20 Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings [RPE 8}

 Ab Workout

3 rounds for quality:

5 Dragon Flag Lowers

60s Kettlebell Suitcase Carry (each arm)

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WORK YOUR WEAKNESS programming is designed for new and intermediate level CrossFit athletes who want to step away from endlessly scaling their workouts and advance to Rx.


If you currently train at a CrossFit gym and want a structured open gym program, this is the perfect add-on to fast track your progress offering weightlifting, gymnastics, strength builders and cardio workouts.

✗  10 Sessions per week, Up to 2 per day

✗  20-40 min workouts

✗  Designed for new and intermediate athletes​

£29 month to month. Cancel any time.





Work your Weakness will help you advance your strength and skills with 4 unique tracks to choose from.

 Weightlifting track will help you sharpen your technique in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk with lots of primers, complexes and accessory lifts.


The Gymnastics track offers structured, progressive programming for pull-ups, toes to bar and handstand push-ups so you can be more competent at bodyweight movements.


 Our Bodybuilding track will help you get stronger, improve muscular endurance, and grow those show muscles. 


 Engine workouts are designed to help improve VO₂ max, lactate threshold, and aid recovery with zone 2 conditioning.

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PRO is built for CrossFit athletes who want to take their performance to a whole new level, excel in the CrossFit Open and Quarterfinals, and dominate CrossFit competitions.

This program offers thoughtfully designed programming themes and cycles built around the competition calendar so you can peak and perform when it matters most.

✗  5 Sessions per week, Up to 2 per day

✗  90-120 min workouts

✗  Designed for advanced CrossFit athletes

✗  Peaking and periodisation for competition

£49 month to month. Cancel any time.





 Gymnastic Pulling Development

Weighted Chest to Bar Pull-up

5 x 3 @ 60% of 1RM


 Chest to Bar Conditioning

Every minute x 10 minutes:

Perform 15% of your 3-min Max Chest to Bar Test

For example, if you achieved 60 reps in your test, perform 9 reps (15%) every minute.

 Skill Conditioning

Alternating every minute x 40 minutes:

18/14 Cal BikeErg

50' Handstand Walk

70 Double Unders

18/15 Cal Echo Bike


 Press Development

Bench Press

10x 60%, 8x 70%, 6 x 75%, 6 x 75%, 6 x 80%

Strict Press

5x 60%, 5x 70%, 5x 75% x 2 sets

 Sprint Intervals

Alternating every 3 minutes x 6 sets:

#1 25 Cal Echo Bike Sprint

#2 60s Max Cal BikeErg 

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