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2024 CrossFit Open at Chalk

The 2024 CrossFit Open starts next week! The Open is a true test of fitness spotlighting everything we love about CrossFit: community, hard work, progress, PB’s and camaraderie. For competitive athletes, this is your chance to punch a ticket to quarterfinals and beyond. As a fitness community, it's an opportunity to celebrate fitness with friends. As cheesy as it sounds, it's less about snatches are more about smiles! If you're new to the Open, here's how it works... Starting Thursday 29th February for 3 weeks, CrossFit HQ will release a workout every Thursday night at 8PM for the global CrossFit community to complete. As a gym, we get together on 'Friday Night Lights" to take on the challenge, support each other, and test our fitness. Here's everything you need to know if you're doing the CrossFit Open at Chalk....

Friday Night Lights

This weekly event at Chalk is held each Friday during the 3 weeks of the CrossFit Open.

The Friday Night Lights tradition is how we facilitate the Open for all of our members here at Chalk to make it easy to participate - and have a ton of FUN as a community. There's really nothing else like it!

It goes like this.... Each week after CrossFit announces the workout, we'll release 'workout heats' on our booking app — these will go live by 9:30AM each Thursday.

On the Friday night, turn up 20 minutes early to your chosen heat to warm-up, take on the workout with other classmates, and stay a little longer to cheer on your friends!

All regular classes on Friday will be cancelled so we can get the entire CHALK community together and create a competition-style format so members can have an amazing atmosphere to push them on!

The first heat at Friday Night Lights will start at ~5:30PM, and all the coaches throw down at 7:30PM — a great battle to watch! Just like our classes, there will be different versions of the workout for you to choose from. These will be referred to as 'Rx' or 'Scaled' versions, and there's also masters and teen versions. Depending on the skill and loading of the workout, you choose which version you'd like to do, and you can mix & match! Once your workout is completed, your judge will give you your score card. If you are serious about competing or have aspirations to make the CrossFit quarterfinals, make sure you register for The Open on the officialCrossFit Games website so you can submit your score online.  The deadline to submit scores on the CrossFit Games website is 1AM each Tuesday, but we recommend doing it ASAP so you don't forget! 

Not interested in competing?

If you’ve competed in the past, you know how rewarding the experience is. But if you’re new to the sport of CrossFit (or just need a little extra motivation), here are a few reasons why you should sign up for the CrossFit Open:

  • A Supportive Community.  How often do you get to pursue your goals with a roomful of people literally cheering you on? Yes, the Open workouts are HARD, but you won’t find a more supportive community of athletes. 

  • The Open is for Everyone.  Just like every workout at Chalk, Open workouts are scalable. Everyone, regardless of their level of strength or experience, is welcome to participate. 

  • New Friends. It’s not uncommon for a long-time 5:45AM athlete to never cross paths with a dedicated 6PM-er. The way we structure the In-House open allows you to connect with athletes who typically attend different classes than you do. 

  • Competition=Motivation. Been a while since your last PR? The Open fosters just the right amount of healthy competition to give you that little boost to run faster, push harder, and lift heavier. 

  • A Unique Opportunity.  You’re doing the same exact WODs as best CrossFit athletes in the world and sharing the leaderboard with them. How cool is that!?

"I'm not ready. Maybe next year."

Guess what!? You'll never feel ready. This isn’t about what you can or can't do. It’s not about what other people in the gym can or can’t do. This experience is about YOU. We want you to push outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Besides, who knows when you might get that first Double Under, Pull Up, etc! Also, CrossFit HQ does a great job of offering scaling options for each workout.

Got other plans?

We want to encourage you to be here on Friday Nights. The competition energy with a crowd around you often pushes you to a place you have never been. Think PRs, new movements unlocked, and really pushing to your threshold. That being said, if you simply can't come on Friday nights, you can still complete the workout on Saturday & Sundays during Open Gym.  We will be providing an Open Gym slot from 10:30AM - 11:30AM on Saturdays and Sundays for you to drop-in. You can use class credits for this booking and you'll need to recruit a judge (if you want to log your scores on the Games website). The number one thing any Chalk member can do is come to Friday Night Lights and hang out, judge, chat...just be there and bring some friends, family, kids - the whole gang! 

The CrossFit Open is a global celebration of all the individual reasons we CrossFit. Maybe it’s to live healthier lives. Maybe it’s to lift your kids or stay healthy for your family. Maybe it’s just to prove we can do more than we ever believed possible. Whatever it is, this is the time to show the world your unique why. 


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