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Beginner's Gymnastic Course

Want to improve your pull-ups, or maybe get your first!?Our 4-week Gymnastic Course will help you build your baseline strength so you can master strict pull-ups and transition into high skill movements such as toes to bar, kipping pull-ups and chest to bar pull-ups!

Course Overview:

Our 4-week Gymnastic Block will be focus on developing strict pulling and pushing

strength, building midline endurance and refining gymnastic shapes to improve technique. There are no pre-requisites for this course. If you have less than 5 strict pull-ups, or none at all, this gymnastic block is for you!


July 26th - August 18th

Monday & Wednesdays, 8:05PM - 9 :05PM

+1 Bonus sessions/week

Monday and Wednesday evenings will be coach led sessions. Another supplementary session (optional but recommended) can be completed in the remainder of the week. Free access to Chalk Fitness (1 day/week) will be granted to attendees to complete the bonus session.



After block 1 finishes we will run directly into block 2 which will focus on positional strength,

overall technique and kipping capacity for our gymnastic movements such as pull

ups, Chest to Bar Pull-ups and Toes to Bar. This pre-requisites for block 2 will be a minimum of 5 strict bodyweight pull ups. If you're not quite there, sign-up to this course!

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