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Chalk Compete Cycle: BUILD

If you are itching for some PRs in the snatch and the clean and jerk this fall, our new Chalk COMPETE cycle is here to get everyone strong as we head into the last quarter of the year!

Now, before we get to the programming focuses below, we have an exciting accouchement for new members of Chalk Compete: You can use the link at the bottom of this article to get 14-days free access. If you want to sample our programming, get daily technique tips and train with the Chalk community, this is the best time to get started.

Now, let's get to the programming focuses! Our Foundation Cycle has ended, and in this new BUILD phase we will have specific focuses for gymnastics, weightlifting and conditioning with our metcons staying varied to make sure we are getting exposed to different modalities and workout styles.

In our weightlifting pathway for this phase we will use the first 4 weeks to build strength and technique through complexes, squats and pulls before moving into maximal strength work finishing the phase with a 1RM testing portion for the Clean and Jerk and Snatch. Get ready for some PRs!

In our Gymnastics pathway we are building our gymnastic capacity under fatigue alongside more maximal strength work. This will include the continued progression of Strict Pull-Ups (Weighted), Strict Ring Muscle-ups and Strict HSPU’s.

Finally, our conditioning in this phase will come in the format of Zone 3 conditioning, Maximal effort sprints and mixed modal conditioning. These workouts will vary between one longer duration piece and one shorter duration piece with a set intent for each session.

Ready to get started? Start your 14-day Free Trial below to train with the Chalk community, get STRONG, and bring your fitness to a whole new level. If you're a member of Chalk Omagh, contact a member of our team to upgrade your membership to Competitor.

Chalk Compete

Chalk Compete is designed for the functional fitness athlete looking to dominate functional fitness competitions and develop their capacity across all facets of fitness.

Offering progressive gymnastic, weightlifting and conditioning tracks on top of our Chalk Train program, you can add more volume, high-skill movements and intensity to your training without burning out.

If you want to train and perform like an Rx athlete, Chalk Compete is for you.

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