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Chalk Compete Cycle: Foundations

Chalk Compete is a program designed for an athlete looking to develop their capacity across all facets of fitness. Within CHALK Compete everyday an athlete will receive a daily Metcon accompanied by progressive gymnastic, weightlifting, and conditioning tracks that allow you to add more volume and intensity to your training. The Compete program will run on 8-week blocks with each block having a specific focus and theme for that period. Overall, the goal of CHALK Compete is to create an athlete able to perform to a high standard in the Open or a Functional Fitness Competition.

Within the program itself there will be 7 training days with each day having a Metcon that will vary in focus and stimulus. Alongside the daily Metcon we will have additional sessions in the form of weightlifting, gymnastics, and conditioning with some days having two pieces that could be split into separate sessions or done as one.

Our first phase of the program is called Foundations. Below we have gave a brief overview of the plan for each track in this first phase.

Gymnastic Track: Foundational Strength

Within our Gymnastics track we have an advanced and intermediate pathway depending on what level you are at in your gymnastics journey.

Both pathways will follow the same programming design. However, they will differ in movement difficulty. Two sessions within the week we'll be focusing on foundational strength in both push and pull movements. Within this first 8-week block, the focus will be on strict strength in handstand push-ups, pull-ups and chest to bars with some shoulder prehab exercises to keep the body healthy.

The third session in the Gymnastics track will be on a Saturday. Our Gymnastic Metcon each week will vary but the theme will stay the same: learning to perform higher skilled gymnastics under fatigued. In the Advanced pathway athletes will be working on skill development in the Parallette L-Sit and Freestanding Handstand Hold alongside a Metcon working skills under fatigue. For our Intermediate pathway, it has the same intent as the advanced only we'll offer structured progressions to suit all levels.

Conditioning Track Focus: Capacity Builder

In the Conditioning track we are focusing on building more capacity in both our running and rowing. The Chalk Compete program we will have two core conditioning sessions with an optional third Zone 2 session that you can complete on a Sunday. Our first 8-week conditioning phase will start with 3k Run and Row time trials, then week to week we will slowly build more capacity within both areas using intervals based off our performances.

Weightlifting Track Focus: Technical Efficiency + Positional Strength

In our Weightlifting track we are focusing on building athletes who move better. This means we have placed an emphasis on technique development and positional strength when programming for this track as we believe this will create a better foundation to build on in our next phase when we start layering in more Olympic lifting and higher percentage work. In this phase we will have three sessions per week with each session focus shown below.

Session 1: Snatch Technique + Paused Overhead Squats

Session 2: Unilateral Leg Strength Development

Session 3: Paused Back Squats + Clean Technique

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