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Chalk Compete Membership

If you are an experienced gym-goer and want to complete at local competitions, excel in the CrossFit Open and become the best possible athlete you can be, Chalk Compete is the program for you.

Our Competitor membership provides up to 7 classes per week at Chalk, but you will also receive progressive gymnastic, weightlifting and conditioning programming each day so you can add more training volume and high-skill movements to your training. This additional training can be done before or after your group class.

If you want to train and perform like a full-time athlete, Chalk Compete is for you.


Is this for advanced athletes only?

We understand everyone is at different stages of their fitness journey so Chalk Compete offers modifications for all fitness levels. However, if you have less than one year of functional training experience (training 5 days per week) we would not recommend joining Chalk Compete.

Can you do it on top of classes?

How much extra time per week would it involve?

Will there be Open Gym time if I can't fit it in before or after my class?

Getting Started on Chalk Compete

If you think our Compete program is for you, upgrade your Unlimited membership today to take your fitness to the next level. If you have any questions, contact to learn more or leave a comment below.

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