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Chalk Throwdown: Advanced Workouts

Get ready for the 2022 Chalk Throwdown!

On Saturday 24th September we will be hosting our annual in-house competition at Chalk. A team of 2 Same Sex Pairs fitness event that is open to any member who wants to take part. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we see this as an opportunity to celebrate our fitness and have some fun with the Chalk community. Click here to learn more about the event.

Below we have outline the workouts for the advanced division.

For time:

Athlete 1:

50 Wall Ball, 12/9 kg to 10/9'

50/37 Row Calories

Once complete, Athlete 2:

50/37 Row Calories

50 Wall Ball, 12/9 kg to 10/9'


6 Synchronised Devil's Press, 30/22.5

12 Synchronised Toes to Bar

50' Regional Lunge, 30/22.5's

Regional Style Walking Lunges will be shared, but athletes can only switch after completing a 25' length.

3 Lifts for Max Load:

1 Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Shoulder to Overhead

Using one barbell, both athletes must complete the complex within each 2-minute window. Athletes can use different loadings and have only one attempt within each 2-minute window. Athletes are NOT allowed to reduce loading.

For time:

30 Alternating Box Jump, 30/24"

60 Handstand Push-up

16 Squat Clean, 80/55

20 Alternating Box Jump Over, 30/24"

40 Chest to Bar

12 Squat Clean, 95/65

10 Jumps Over the Box, 24/20"

20 Bar Muscle-up

8 Squat Clean, 115/80

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