Wodify Pulse x Mz Switch

Wodify Pulse is live at Chalk. It's time to up your fitness game!

Wodify Pulse allows you to track your heart rate, training zones and calories burned using Myzone activity belts, the most accurate fitness trackers on the market. Wodify Pulse displays your workout stats in real time via our 75"monitors. This enables both you and your coach to track your effort, calories, intensity and recovery with precision.

After each workout we'll send you a breakdown of your workout stats, and you can use your belt outside the gym too! Members also get access to the MyZone app where they can support each other, view detailed breakdowns of their workouts, and take on challenges to compete with each other.

Wodify Pulse is included in all gym memberships at Chalk. All you need to do is purchase a Myzone Belt (Mz-Switch) at the front desk to get started!


Other mass market smart watches such as Apple and fitbit are only accurate on the repeatable and predictable movement of the wrist (running/ cycling) and non-gripping activity. This is the equivalent of just having the MZ-Switch for the forearm and the wrist. But it is irrelevant for 95% of the in-club activity that involves gripping, (such as kettlebells, weights and burpees). With the MZ-Switch, you can switch it onto your chest and still stay motivated.


When you are not streaming live at the gym, you can store up to 30 hours of exercise data with the Mz-Switch. From a full charge, your MZ-Switch will monitor any physical activity for three to six months of battery life.

Using ANT+ and Bluetooth, the Switch syncs with: • Chalk screens

• Cardio gym equipment and bike computers

• Peloton bikes

The Myzone app also integrates with third-parties such as:

• MapMyRun

• Strava

• MyFitnessPal

You can also pair your MZ-Switch to wearables and smart watches such as:

• Apple Watch

• Samsung or Garmin devices


Myzone measures your heart rate to the same level of accuracy as an ECG heart rate monitor, as used by health professionals. Discover motivational data you trust.


Gym members who track their heart rate during workouts consistently exert 25% more effort than those who don't. So... what are you waiting for!? Speak with a coach today to get started.


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