Wodify Pulse is coming to CHALK!

Wodify Pulse is group heart rate training with Myzone activity belts, the most accurate fitness trackers on the market.

Wodify Pulse, powered by Myzone, displays your heart rate in real time during a workout. By tracking your performance inside the gym, you’ll know exactly how much effort you’re exerting, and if you need to up your intensity. Odds are, you do.

Make Every Rep Count

You probably know your one rep max clean and jerk like you know your birthdate. But how many calories did you burn achieving that goal? With Wodify Pulse and the Myzone straps, all of the calories you burn doing push ups, pull ups and weightlifting get counted. That’s because Wodify Pulse tracks heart rate intensity to give you real-time feedback during exercise. Make the most of your time in the gym and get credit for all your hard work.

Myzone App

Use Wodify Pulse to instantly track:

• Heart rate • Calories burned • Intensity level

You can compete with friends and watch your results live on our monitors, or keep track of your progress outside the gym with the Myzone app. Just know, you’ll always receive a detailed summary email following your workout.

Push yourself further with Wodify Pulse. Chat with a coach today to order your MyZone belt and sign-up.