We believe the quality of your health determines the quality of your life—nothing is more important than that.


Our goal is to improve your capacity through functional training so you can take on new challenges, live your life to the fullest, and create personal connections with like-minded people.

You’re not too old. You’re not too young. You’re not too busy. You're not too unprepared. You’re not too tired, and you’re not too weak. You’re ready. The perfect time is now. Get started below and join a community who push you to do more.


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The CHALK Bootcamp is a 3-week course designed to introduce new members to CrossFit training.  


Working alongside other beginners, we'll teach you our core training principles so you can enter classes with the skills, fitness and confidence to excel. Expect lots of learning, laughing and lifting as we teach you the basics of functional training.

No previous experience required. 


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If you want to get started sooner, our Private Induction is for you.


Working at a pace suitable to your training experience, we will teach you the core weightlifting, bodyweight and conditioning elements in a private setting. Everything will be tailored to you.

One-to-One and Two-to-One options available. You choose your training schedule.

Private & Semi-Private Inductions

3x Private Coaching Sessions

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Maybe you’ve tried to join gyms in the past and when you showed up, you didn’t know what to do. You get on a treadmill or elliptical and break a little sweat. You’d love to use more of the equipment and maybe lift some weights but it’s a bit out of your comfort zone. You don’t really know what you’re doing and you don’t want to look silly so you stick to the treadmill.

You’ve thought about joining a group fitness program instead but that’s a bit intimidating too. You don’t know the exercises, you’re not “in shape”, and you’re scared that you’ll look silly.

If you read this and related at all, we’re here for you. Here’s what you should know about starting with us:


You don’t need to be a competitive athlete to be a part of our community. We’re going to meet you where you are. There’s no need to “get fit” before starting with us. Everyone’s at a different level with different goals.

Everyone who starts with us starts with a comprehensive assessment to help you understand the way you move, and if we’ll need to adjust anything for you to keep you safe and pain free.

You’re not going to go into a group class setting until you’re ready. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with the movements and know what to expect before you go into class. This way you can show up with confidence and give it 100% when you’re ready.

If you’ve been thinking about joining but it’s a little intimidating, we’re here for you.