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A New Training Experience in 2023

A New Class Experience: Performance and Fitness Tracks

Starting January 2nd, we will be offering Performance and Fitness levels from the whiteboard every day.

One Program. Two levels.

The Performance Level of the daily workout will be a very traditional high-skill, high-power, and high-excitement version. This level will touch on skills, loading, and volume that you expect to see daily when you pull up a badass workout. As always, this level will be easily adjustable to suit ANY level of athlete.

The Fitness Level of the daily workout will be a much more moderate version: moderate skill, moderate loading, and moderate volume. This level will keep athletes moving and performing workouts that are more simple but highly effective. This is also a very good level for teens, masters, or new athletes into functional training to follow.

Why the Change?

We respect that everyone has different goals. Some people are here for fat loss, others to socialise, and some want to throw down at fitness competitions. Tiered programming will enable us to keep our community connected and allow all levels to train alongside each other.

  • Performance is programmed with pure general fitness in mind and is a traditional looking and feeling CrossFit program. Although it is programmed with access to high skill movements and heavy loading, the Performance track can be adjusted up or down to suit the needs of any athlete.

  • Fitness is also a traditional looking CrossFit program but limits movement complexity, loading, and overall volume as the emphasis is placed more on longevity. Fitness works directly with the Performance track level allowing all athletes to participate in a workout that suits their needs. Fitness keeps things more moderate across the board while performance has the potential to touch all parts of the spectrum.

The main goal of both programs is to develop, test, and challenge you with endless variety in fun, engaging, and effective workouts. Each day will give athletes a well-rounded and full experience which can be tailored further to meet your needs.

In our fitness track we've removed:

• Complex Barbell Work (no snatches, overhead squats)

• High Skilled Gymnastics (no pistol squats, handstand walks or wall walks, chest to bar or muscle-ups)

Both tracks are built on a year-long plan with cycles, biases, and focuses over the course of 12 months. The CrossFit Open and Chalk Throwdown will be used as anchor points to test the program's effectiveness in producing fit and capable athletes.

Membership Add-ons: Compete

Our new Compete program a monthly subscription that you can add to your existing membership which provides a blueprint to improving your strength, skills and conditioning beyond classes. If you're looking for an extra 20-30 minutes to training after your workout at Chalk, the Compete program has you covered.

Each training day is designed to be completed before or after class. You will be presented with:

  • Strength & Skill workouts (Comp)

  • Functional Strength

  • Functional Bodybuilding (Flex)

The additional work gives you the opportunity to choose from improving overall strength, body composition or athletic development. By taking this approach our new program allows us to tailor the after class experience to their entire community. Note: We do not recommend completing all tracks; you should only choose one to follow.

A look into 2023

A overview of the first 2 training days of 2023.

Monday 2nd January


  • Performance & Fitness Tracks Hang Power Clean 10-8-6-10-8-6 Everyone will be getting after the same volume and practicing the same basic skills. Where we will see the biggest differences will be loading on the bar with our top end athletes eeking into heavy sets of 6.



Tuesday 3rd Jan


  • PERFORMANCE TRACK 3 x 5 Overhead Squat at 7RPE

  • FITNESS TRACK 3 x 5 Front Squat at 65-75%

We will be progressing each of these movements over the 7 Week OLY Cycle. This set of 5 Squats should be in the 60-70% range off of 1RMs. Aim for 3-5 sets in this range.





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