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Murph Fitness Challenge

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and whether you’re new to CrossFit or not, you’ve probably heard about workout 'Murph'.

Murph is a classic CrossFit workout known as a Hero WOD. These special workouts are made by CrossFit to honor the men and women that have fallen in the line of duty. This one is specifically to honor Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in action in Afghanistan on June 28th, 2005.

Hero Workout Murph

For time:

1 Mile Run

100 Pull-up

200 Push-up

300 Air Squat

1 Mile Run

*With a 20 lb Vest or Body Armor

This workout itself was Michael’s favorite workout to do, which at the time referred to it as “Body Armor”, hence the 20 lb vest or body armor as part of the workout prescription. So, every year, CrossFitters synonymously around the world pay special tribute to Lieutenant Murphy by joining together and suffering through this workout.

Click here to Watch athletes take on Murph at the CrossFit Games.

Memorial Weekend Murph at Chalk

Once a year, across the American Memorial Day Weekend, the Global CrossFit Community unites to take on the Hero Workout. We've been doing this at CHALK for almost 10 years we would love to join us on Saturday 28th May for the challenge!

Saturday 28th May

8AM - 9AM

9:30AM - 10:30AM

Sign-up, take on hero Workout Murph and work up a sweat! with the Chalk community. Class Bookings open 10 days in advance for members via our mobile app. Non-members can sign-up via our visitors webpage.

Open to All Levels

This workout isn't just for the pros,so don’t be intimidated. It's a great chance to set a benchmark, test your fitness and compare your performance year on year. Here's 3 examples of how our coaching team can modify this to your level:

Intermediate I Athlete

For time:

1 Mile Run

20 rounds of: 3 Pull-up, 6 Push-up, 12 Air Squat

1 Mile Run

We have reduced the volume to 60 Pull-ups, 120 Push-ups and 240 Air squats. A great opportunity to do the movements as prescribed but at a level that maintains intensity and doesn't promote as much muscle soreness!

Intermediate II Athlete

For time:

1 Mile Run

10 rounds: 4 Banded Pull-up, 8 Modified Push-up, 16 Air Squat

1 Mile Run

Here we've reduced loading for bodyweight movements to allow the same range of motion & stimulus to be achieved. Total reps at 40 Pull-ups, 80 Push-ups, 160 Air Squats. We could further modify the run to a distance that can be achieved within 8-10 minutes.


For time:

Max Distance Run in 8 minutes

5 rounds: 10 Crossover Ring Row, 15 Dumbbell Bench Press, 20 Air Squat

Match run distance achieved at start of workout.

In this workout we' are focusing on getting the right stimulus. By capping the running distance by 8 minutes we ensure you'll finish at the same time as everyone else, then repeating that at the end .For the gymnastic elements we're working the same muscle groups but offering different movement options so you can pick loadings that challenge you appropriately. Total reps at 50 Ring Row (pull-up), 75 Bench (Push-up), 100 Air Squat.

Sign-up, take on the challenge, and work up a sweat! with the Chalk community.


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