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The Committed Club

The committed club is a year-long attendance challenge that will recognise and reward members for consistently showing up to class each month.

We know from experience that consistency wins. The more you train, the closer you will be to your goals. In order to achieve Committed Club status, you will have to attend at least 16 classes during each calendar month. Being a part of the committed club is a testament to your health and fitness goals.

Committed Club Perks

  • At the end of each month, we will recognise individuals who have attended at least 16 classes by celebrating them in our Private Members Group.

  • At the end of each quarter, members who have been in the Committed Club for 3 consecutive months will be entered into a raffle to win gift certificates from small, local business so you can treat yo’ self!

  • At the end of the year we will recognise and reward the individuals who have been in the Committed Club for 12 months. They will earn, amongst other things, a coveted Chalk Committed Club t-shirt. This tee is a special batch created only for the committed. It cannot be purchased. It must be earned.

No matter where you are in your journey, we are here to support you, we are here to encourage you, and we are here to cheer for you. Sign-up to class, commit to your goals, and get rewarded for choosing fitness as a priority.


How will the visits be tracked? Attendance will be tracked via Chalk's booking app and we will celebrate Committed Club members monthly via our Private Members Group.

Which classes count towards my attendance? Chalk S&C classes count towards your committed club attendance.

If I attend more than one class on the same day, will it count as 2 visits or 1 visit? This will count as one visit. The Committed Club is about celebrating consistency, not intensity.

If I miss the committed club for a given month, will that affect the next month? No. Each month is considered a fresh start. To be entered into our end of year raffle, you can only miss one month within a

calendar year. This allows you to use your 30-day membership hold (for holidays, etc) and still be eligible to earn the Committed Club t-shirt.

Will I get a bonus for exceeding 15 visits in a calendar month? Can I use extra visits towards a past or future month? No, the focus of the committed club is rewarding you for being consistent each month, so there are no additional rewards for exceeding 16 visits or ways to transfer extra visits to other months. As it relates to the committed club, having 15 visits or 30 visits in a given month are equally as awesome.


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