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2022 Chalk Throwdown

On Saturday 24th September we will be hosting our annual in-house competition at Chalk. A team of 2 Same Sex Pairs fitness event that is open to any member who wants to take part. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we see this as an opportunity to celebrate our fitness and have some fun with the Chalk community.

2021 Chalk Throwdown Athletes

Who can get involved?

Everyone. This is a community event and we would love to see you all take part. Our 2022 Throwdown aims to accommodate all levels offering a beginner, intermediate and advanced division. Whether you’re new to the gym, a weekend warrior or veteran to the sport of CrossFit, this event will provide a platform for you to express your fitness. If you are thinking “I am not fit enough to compete”, we’re sorry to inform you you’ll never feel ‘fit enough’ so don’t let that excuse hold you back from having a great time. This event is about celebrating what your body can do and it’s going to have the best of everything; the experience of competing in a real event with judges, heat times, multiple workouts in the day, but also doing so at your own place with your fellow classmates competing with you, all for some bragging rights and a few adult beverages afterwards.

Event Registration

Registration is open on the Wodboard app ! Buy your team tickets below (1 ticket is for 2 athletes). There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category. Not sure what category to complete in? Check out the Loading & Skill guide below.

The competition will kick-off at 8:30AM on Saturday 24th September. Teams will complete 3-4 events to be crowned the fittest in each category. As always, we promise to deliver fun and diverse challenges - some which will be very new to you! Three to four workouts over one day may seem like a lot, but we have carefully considered all workout components to ensure every one will be safe and have a great time. Some workouts will be released before the event, while others will be released at 8AM on Sept 25th during the athlete brief.

Loads & Skills Guide

In each category we will be offering modifications for masters (55+). If you'd like to review these please email who will be happy to forward these to you.

Fitness Category: Dumbbell Movements: Up to 7.5kg for men and 5kg for women Barbell Movements: Up to 35kg for men and 25kg for women Wall Ball: Up to 6kg for men and 3kg for women (9' targets) Gymnastics: Burpees, Sit-ups Intermediate Category: Dumbbell Movements: Up to 15kg for men and 10kg for women Barbell Movements: 52.5kg for men and 35kg for women Wall Ball: Up to 9kg for men and 6kg for women (9' targets) Gymnastics: Kipping Pull-ups, Toes to Bar Intermediate athletes are not required to perform any variation of Barbell Snatch, Overhead Squats, Double Unders. Compete Category: Dumbbell Movements: Up to 30kg for men and 22.5kg for women Barbell Movements: Cleans at 80kg for men and 55kg for women* Wall Ball: Up to 12kg for men and 9kg for women Gymnastics: One team member must be able to complete Kipping Toes to Bar, Chest to Bar, Handstand Push-ups and Bar Muscle-up. *Divisions may include a clean/snatch ladder that requires athletes to exceed stated capacity.

You don’t have to go to the gym. You don’t have to compete. You get to. Let's celebrate what our bodies can do.


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