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Barbell Warm-up for the Clean

To warm up for Olympic Weightlifting, we always recommend starting with some light cardio followed with various mobility exercises such as Warrior Squats and Back Rack Elbow Rotations to improve range of movement. Once complete, you're ready for a barbell specific warm-up, and our guide below will allow you to improve speed and confidence whilst sharpening your technique.

Barbell Warm-up Guide

With an empty barbell, complete 2-3 sets of:

5 Tall Muscle Clean

3 Scarecrow Clean

At 30-40% of your best Clean, complete 2-3 sets of:

3 Mid Thigh Clean

3 Halting Clean

To learn more about these individual movements, check out our YouTube video below. Once complete you’re primed & ready for your session! Move Fast, Lift Heavy💥

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