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Intermediate Gymnastics Course

Would you like to be able to do +10 Toes to Bar unbroken, or progress from Pull-ups to Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups? Our Intermediate gymnastic course will help you master these high-rep gymnastic movements!

Our 4-week Course is designed for anyone who can perform 5+ Strict Pull-ups and 10+ Push-ups. In this block we will be developing our positional strength, technique and kipping capacity for our CrossFit gymnastic movements including Pull-ups, Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups and Handstand Push-ups! We aim to deep dive into technique and break each gymnastic component down in a way that will allow us to be more efficient and gain the ability to perform these movements under fatigue.

If you're tired of scaling gymnastic movements in your metcons, want to improve your performance for competitions such as the Chalk Throwdown & CrossFit Open, this course is for you!

Course Timeline

August 30th - Sept 22nd Monday & Wednesdays, 8:10PM - 9 :10PM

Monday and Wednesday evenings will be coach led sessions. Another supplementary session (optional but recommended) can be completed in the remainder of the week - this will be free of charge. Free access to Chalk Fitness (1 day/week) will be granted to attendees to complete the bonus session, too.


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