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BUILD is a strength & conditioning program for the everyday gym goer who wants to enhance their strength, physique and performance.

This program offers a creative mix of strength cycles, functional bodybuilding workouts and HIIT finishers so training never gets stale — say goodbye to boring bodybuilding workouts! 

✗  5 Sessions per week

✗  60-min workouts

✗  Movement Library and detailed workouts notes 

£29 month to month. Cancel any time.





60s Barbell Ankle Stretch

60s Box Pigeon Pose

60s Adductor Rocks


1 round each leg:
10 Bulgarian Split Squat Rock Backs
20s Copenhagen Hold

10 Seated Straddle Leg Lifts

 Functional Strength

5 sets x 5 Tempo Barbell Cyclist Squats @ 7-8RPE

✗ Functional Bodybuilding
[Pre-Exhaust Supersets]

3 sets:

15 Tempo Hack Squats [RPE 6]

10 Barbell Reverse Lunge [RPE 7]

3 sets on each leg:

10 Farmer Hold Kickstand Squats [RPE6]

10 Single DB Box Step-up [RPE 7}

3 sets:

20 Prone Banded Hamstring Curls

20 Heavy Russian Kettlebell Swings [RPE 8}

 Ab Workout

3 rounds for quality:

5 Dragon Flag Lowers

60s Kettlebell Suitcase Carry (each arm)

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