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Saturday 22nd June at Chalk Fitness


A 2 hour fitness experience to test functional fitness athletes on strength, endurance & teamwork.


Chalk will open at 9:15AM to welcome the first group of athletes, and teams will be competing non-stop throughout the day.


We will have up between 6-18 athletes on the floor at any given time, and we encourage your friends, family members and work colleagues to drop-in and watch the action unfold. The final group will begin their test at 2PM, ending 3:30PM.  

Below you can find useful information on events and supporting information for athletes.


In an 18-minute window, teams will establish:

5RM Squat

3RM Deadlift

1RM Shoulder to Overhead

Score: Total KG.

Both athletes have 6 minutes to establish their rep-max scores for each lift.


0:00 - 6:00 — Back Squat

6:00 - 12:00 — Deadlift

12:00 - 18:00 — Shoulder to Overhead


Athletes must be successful in completing all repetitions within each 6-minute window for the weight to count. I.e, If an athlete does not finish their Back Squat reps until 6:05, the score for that effort will not count.


  • Any version of squat is allowed. Hip crease must clearly pass below the knee. Belts and knee sleeves are allowed. Knee wraps are not allowed.


  • Deadlift must be touch and go; no resting between reps. Bouncing of the barbell is not allowed. If teams exceed 199kg they must use one set of steel 20kg plates.


  • Any variation of shoulder to overhead is allowed. Lift is from the rack. Athletes must finish the rep by brining both feet under the hips while the bar is overhead with the elbows locked out.


For time:

2,000m Row

4,000m BikeErg


Score: Total time

Cap: 18 mins

Teams will be allocated one bike and one rower. Athlete 1 will complete the workout as written, athlete 2 will complete the workout in reverse.


0:00 - Athlete 1 completes row, then BikeErg.

0:00 - Athlete 2 competes BikeErg, then row.


  • Athletes can only switch machines when they have completed the opening distances. If one athletes completes their opening distance before the other, they must wait until the other athlete has completed their distance.


  • Machines will be set up as single distance workouts so judges can obtain erg data.


For time:

30 Sync Burpees over the Bar

45 Barbell Thruster

30 sync alt. Dumbbell Snatch

45 Pull-ups / Push-ups **

30 sync alt. Dumbbell Snatch

45 Barbell Thruster

30 Sync Burpees over the Bar


Score: Total Time

Cap: 18 mins

Performance athletes use a 52.5/35kg barbell, have one 30kg and one 22.5kg Dumbbell, and perform Pull-ups. Fitness athletes use a 35/25kg barbell, have one 22.5 and one 15kg Dumbbell,  and perform Push-ups.


  • Athletes must perform burpees on opposite sides of the barbell with chest & thighs meeting on the floor at the same time. Stepping over the bar is allowed.


  • Athletes must meet overhead on the Dumbbell Snatch with arms hips and knees extended. Athletes can switch between dumbbells at any time.


  • Barbell Thruster and Pull-up reps can be shared with one athlete working at a time.  Barbell must come from the floor.


  • Strict Pull-ups, Chin-ups and Kipping Pull-ups are accepted (butterfly pull-ups are not).


  • Only the chest is allowed to touch the floor on push-ups; if the midline, hips or legs touch it is considered a no-rep. Reps must finish with the hips, knees and shoulders in a straight line.


Athletes are booked into 2-hour slots and should arrive at least 5 minutes before their scheduled time.  Upon arrival to Chalk, you'll get a warm welcome from our team and will be assigned a judge who will be supporting you throughout the entire event. If you have any questions about the events, you can speak directly with your judge who will be happy to clarify standards. Teams do not need to declare their workout division (performance/fitness) before arriving to the gym.

Athletes will be provided 30 minutes to warm-up in the annex, then your judge will lead you to your workout area. The warm-up area is equipped with all the necessary equipment for you to prepare for the event. 

00 — 30
Get Access to the Annex to Warm-up


30 — 60
Event 1 // Strength


60 — 90
Event 2 // Endurance

90 — 120
Event 2 // Teamwork


Once scores are finalised for the day, event winners will be announced via Chalk's Instagram Page and teams will be contacted via email to claim their prizes — £1,100 up for grabs!

Pro Sports Therapy will be on site offering Sports Massage and taping services pre/post event. 

Best of luck to all involved and thank-you for supporting this event.

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