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2023 Chalk Throwdown

The Chalk Throwdown is a team of 2, same sex pairs fitness event that is open to any member who wants to take part. It's designed for all fitness levels offering a beginner, intermediate and advanced division so whether you’re new to the gym, a weekend warrior or veteran to the sport of CrossFit, this event will provide a platform for you to ex press your fitness.

Our one-day even is all about celebrating what your body can do, and it’s going to have the best of everything; the experience of competing in a real event with judges, heat times, multiple workouts in the day, but also in the comfort of your own gym with your fellow classmates pushing you on, competing with you, and wanting to see you at your best.

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we see this as an opportunity to celebrate our fitness and have some fun with the Chalk community.

2023 Throwdown

The competition will kick-off at 8:00AM on Sunday 1st October and competitors will complete 3-5 fun, diverse events throughout the day to test their fitness. Three to five workouts in a single day may seem like a lot, but we have carefully considered all workout components to ensure participants in each category will be challenged appropriately.

All workouts will be released once registration closes. If you're unsure what category to compete in, use the guide below to help you decide what division is most suitable for you.


3-4 Events. This is 100% beginner friendly and a super fun event for first-time athletes.

  • Single Dumbbell up to 15kg for men, 10kg for women.

  • No Olympic weightlifting.

  • No pull-ups.

  • No Skipping.

  • No running.


3-4 Events + Final

  • One athlete must be able to do single unders.

  • Barbell movements up to 35kg for men, 25kg for women (no snatches or overhead squats)

  • Both athletes must be able to do kipping pull-ups.

  • One athlete must be able to do chest to bar pull-ups.

  • One athlete must be able to do Kipping Handstand Push-ups (1AbMat for women)

  • Both athletes must be able to run.


3-4 Events + Final

  • One athlete must be able to do double unders.

  • Barbell movements up to 60kg for men, 45kg for women.

  • Both athletes must be able to do toes to bar and handstand push-ups (one AbMat for women)

  • One athlete must be able to do Bar Muscle-ups and Ring Muscle-ups.

  • Both athletes must be able to run.

Registration & Prizes

The 2023 Chalk Throwdown will offer an even larger prize purse than previous year with £1,200 for the top 3 intermediate and advanced teams.

  • 1st £250

  • 2nd £200

  • 3rd £150

Registration opens Sunday 20th August, closing Wednesday 30th August, and is limited to Chalk Members and our online community. If you do not receive a direct booking link to your inbox please get in touch with us by emailing or DM us on our Instagram page @Chalk.Fit.

Sign-up, have some fun, and make some memories with the Chalk community.

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