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Why We Do What We Do

We believe it's our job to keep our members fit for life, not just today, this month or year. We are focused on the long run, and this is why our classes prioritise intensity over volume.

We believe biased programming is one method to getting stronger, or getting better at gymnastics, or improving your running, but it's not the only way. We can improve all components of fitness at the same time, and we achieve this through constantly varied functional training.

We believe fitness is your ability to live a life without limits. The ability to perform almost any physical task. We do not glorify lifting or gymnastics or endurance at the expense one another. Instead, we prioritise variance and consistent, well-planned exposure to functional movements This enables us to create robust, adaptive, healthy humans.

Now that you have a better understanding of our beliefs and where we're coming from, let's get into the nitty gritty.

GPP Programming

We pride ourselves on the fact that our members are prepared for the unexpected. They're fit, they're mobile, and they're strong. Our speciality is not specialising.

To achieve this, we use a GPP program. GPP is short for general physical preparedness, and it's used to improve your ability across all areas of fitness - speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power coordination, and so on.

For the general public, this is the best option for getting fit and healthy. It allows us to focus on decades of fitness, not just this year or next year, as we can get fit without breaking down your body or over stressing any one area or component of fitness.

Non-Linear Programming

Many gyms run periodised strength programs which have exercises on specific days of the week. This is known as linear programming, and it can be useful for competitive athletes when we're trying to elect a specific adaptation. However, they're only marginally effective, and it can be very difficult to commit 100% to the program which is required. What happens if we're doing squats on a Monday and you miss it? Well, the program becomes significantly less effective. What if you train on Tuesdays & Thursdays and squats are on Monday? Well, you miss the program entirely!

We don't use linear programming in our core group programs at Chalk as we understand life is busy and it's hard to commit to specific training days with kids, work, etc. Instead, we use non-linear programming. We understand some people have a specific set of days they can only attend, and others come in randomly. With so much variation, our goal is offer movements and workouts throughout the month, each on different days of the week, so that no matter which days of the week you attend you'll get a great stimulus. It forces us to work on our weaknesses, too. We also focus on skills that transfer to lifting, so even when we're not lifting, we're building strength, mobility and coordination in ways that help you see gains in strength.

No Intensity, No Reward

We're impressed with intensity, not volume. Intensity is your ability to do more work in less time, but not at the expense of technique.

Intensity = Force x Distance / Time

Force is a weight, distance is the distance it travels, time is how fast you do it. You can lift heavier, or you can move faster, but to see the best results you need to do both.

If intensity is the shortcut to results, why isn't everyone implementing it? Well, unfortunately it's that place outside our comfort zone. It hurts. There are no shortcuts, just hard work, but intensity is the fastest way to get results. You only need 5 hours/week to get into amazing shape. All you have to do is turn up to class ready to work.

Culture is king.

If given the choice, almost every human will choose the type of training they like the most and need the least. This is one of the reasons why our program is so effective at getting people fit - we are forced to work on our deficiencies in an environment where it's not easy to quit and walk away.

If you surround yourself with people who consider that activity to be the norm, you will improve. You are the product of the people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely. If life needs an infusion of health-minded culture, Chalk Fitness is the place to find it.

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