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Weight Vest Wednesdays at Chalk

On the first Wednesday of every Month we'll be encouraging you all to wear a weighted vest for the workout. Whether it's running, muscle-ups, barbell workouts.... grab a vest and add a little spice!

More than just adding variance, it means you won’t have to perform such intense conditioning to rev your heart as high; You get the calorie burn and bump in metabolism with a much more controlled pace! It also turns bodyweight drills into grueling strength-builders. You could argue the vest is the most efficient way to perform loaded moves, because all the weight is closer to your natural center of gravity—compared to, say, doing pullups with plates hanging from a dip belt below you.

Above all else, you'll look really cool. #DoItForTheGram

Petite vests (7kg) and standard vests (10kg) can be found beside the barbell racks. We hope you enjoy this little addition to our programming, and we hope you're ready for the next Weight Vest Wednesday at Chalk!


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