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WORK YOUR WEAKNESS programming is designed for functional fitness athletes who want to step away from endlessly scaling their workouts and advance to Rx.


With only 20-30 minutes of extra training per day,  this program is the perfect add-on to fast track your strength, skills and physique.

✗  9 Sessions per week, Up to 2 per day

✗  20-40 min workouts

✗  Designed for new and intermediate athletes​




Work your Weakness will help you advance your strength and skills with 3 unique tracks to choose from.

 Weightlifting will help you sharpen your technique in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk with lots of primers, complexes and accessory lifts.


The Gymnastics track offers structured, progressive programming for pull-ups, toes to bar and handstand push-ups so you can be more competent at bodyweight movements.


 Bodybuilding track will help you get stronger, improve muscular endurance, and grow those show muscles. 

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