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2024 CrossFit Affiliation

CrossFit recently announced a whopping 50% price increase for their annual affiliation. For most CrossFit gyms across the globe, this price hike has created a lot of uncertainty for affiliate owners and their members, with some gyms stepping away from the brand and others choosing to stay. As we enter our 10th year as a CrossFit affiliate, we wanted to let you know we're going to remain committed to CrossFit in 2024. As an active affiliate, it will enable us to seamlessly run the CrossFit Open and 'Friday Night Lights'  — one of the biggest community events of the year, further enabling us to support the top 25% of athletes to qualify for the Crossfit quarterfinals. We believe in CrossFit. We promise to deliver on our end, and by providing our support to both our members and the brand we hope CrossFit HQ can deliver on their promise to improve coaching education, affiliate support and business tools so we can continue to deliver you an amazing experience at the gym. Paul-Dwane CEO


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